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Gift Glenorchy Animal Experience - Family Pass


Gift this fantastic experience, and create memories to last a lifetime.

Round up the family for a fun and authentic experience of New Zealand farm life!

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Authenticated Reviews & PhotosAll of our reviews are from people who have booked and paid for this activity thru Bookme

Authenticated Reviews & PhotosAll of our reviews are from people who have booked and paid for this activity thru Bookme


154 reviews

Showing all 154 authenticated Bookme reviews

Bernard from New Zealand wrote on 07 November 2021


Nice and clean and a very good accommodation highly recommended....

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From Glenorchy Animal Experience - Family Pass

5stars appreciated 🙂, but this review may have been meant for somewhere that actually offers accommodation?

samanthan8 from Australia wrote on 04 April 2024

So much fun!

I booked this experience for my family of 4 as my 11yo daughter loves animals, with the expectation that she’d enjoy it and our 14yo son would think it was just ok. I was wrong! We all had so much fun and really enjoyed our visit and ended up staying for around 1.5 hours. The staff were really friendly, the views amazing and the animals so damn cute. Would definitely recommend a visit, especially with the discounted tickets via Bookme.

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From Glenorchy Animal Experience - Family Pass

Wonderful! Thank you for your visit and the positive review 😊.

sheenam1 from New Zealand wrote on 29 March 2024

Such well mannered animals

We have our own livestock but still enjoyed coming here and seeing different animals. They were all so well mannered and took the food from you gently. There were a few sheep and llamas that followed you for more food but did give up eventually. Great advice for safety around animals from the staff members.

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From Glenorchy Animal Experience - Family Pass

😍, thank you, your feedback is much appreciated 👍

Suzanne from New Zealand wrote on 23 October 2022

Don’t bother if you have kids

The farm location is beautiful and the animals are well cared for .. but I am not sure the owners like children at all. We understood all the rules when we walked in, yet could constantly hear yells from the owners if a poor kid got slightly excited. The owners would literally appear from nowhere to abruptly inform you if you were doing something wrong (like holding the food bag incorrectly). We understand you need to keep animals and kids safe, but the regimental environment knocks all the fun out of it

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From Glenorchy Animal Experience - Family Pass

Wrong end of the stick? Disheartening. I've looked up the day that your booking was for three weeks ago... it was busy but not unusual. I had made a note in the diary that it was the day we found one of the flower arrangements and whole toilet rolls down the composting toilet, also the day my yellow tulips and daffodils that finally flowered were all broken off. Not so cool, isn't it? However; most people who visit our farm are super respectful and friendly and a delight to host 💕. As for children: it's the adult in charge or sometimes the adult not in charge who give us the occasional headache. Well supervised children are a delight no matter where you go in this world 😁👍. As for regimental: I'd 100x rather to be known for that than for a headline "Toddler knocked over by 100kg ewe".

Disha from New Zealand wrote on 07 April 2024

Glenorchy farm experience

Great view while driving to Farm experience. Farm is good with lots of farm animals.great for kids. Open paddock experience with animals is great but be ware of a security person who is grumpy.He dosn't know how to talk polietly while giving instruction.He is super rude which ruined our experience in open paddock.it is everyday job for them so they need to be patient when explaining people whith their specific rules who drives really far to visit them. Otherwise worth the trip .we also visited Dart river which is 15 mins drive from this place.Gateway to paradise.

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From Glenorchy Animal Experience - Family Pass

Thanks for your review Disha. I've been made aware of your unfortunate paddock visit. Our safety rules are solely to keep you safe. Unfortunate it didn't work for you. Yes, our staff did get annoyed as he got blatantly ignored. However, it is often better to send visitors out of the paddock if they struggle with the safety concept. Rather than waste time and energy and get grumpy at visitors, so i apologize for not taking action of sending you out of the paddock in order to keep you safe and happy. 🙏🌻


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