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Bookme ReviewMilford Sound Nature CruisePosted by Maddie from United States on 20 Mar 2018

  • Maddie said... This cruise was brilliant. I was hesitant at first to book because I am not one for cruises, but after experiencing this ride through the fiord I have no hesitation to recommend it. Taking a cruise, kayaking, or flying are the only ways to truly experience Milford Sound. I would recommend because 1) We got there late and the guides were flexible to get us on the next cruise 2) Free coffee! 3) Some other cruises only allow you on part of the deck, but on this one the top deck had 360 degree views 4) Not very crowded at the 11am ride 5) The ride was not rushed, so we had time to experience the countless views, the seals, the dolphins, and being splashed by 2 waterfalls.

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