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Bookme ReviewSkyline Rotorua Adventure Pass - Half Day Adventure Pass (Gondola, Luge, Skyswing, Zipline)Posted by Alexander from United Kingdom on 23 Jun 2019

  • Alexander said... The skyline complex offers a fantastic range of activities and a few food options; highly recommend if you are visiting Rotorua! The skyswing is a short but powerful adrenaline rush. The slow raise up by a winch builds the anticipation as you are forced to lean forward on your harness. At the top you have to pull the manual release which, under gravity, launches you to 150kph in 2 seconds! The experience is filmed if you wish to purchase that separately. The ziplines are less dramatic but provide a 60kph ride through the trees. The highlight for me was a 13m (optional) 'fall' where for the first instance you feel like you've jumped with no support until the automatic harness kicks in and slows your descent! I wanted to do this again! The luge is perfect for everyone - you can do one of 3 tracks (scenic was closed for us but intermediate and advance were open) and even on the intermediate you can go as fast or slow as you feel comfortable with. For more confident riders you can push yourself to corner fast while leaning hard to maintain balance and course. The gondola provides beautiful views of Lake Rotorua at the start and end of your day. We arrived at 10:00 and finished at 15:00 (we had a coffee at the cafe and waited 45mins for the advance luge track to dry out and open) so 'half day' is more a guide than a limit!

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