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Bookme ReviewGlider Flight - Christchurch Mountains and PlainsPosted by solomont from New Zealand on 24 Jan 2023

  • solomont said... Almost had to postpone due to the weather but glad the weather cleared enough because what a blast of a day. This club has the most tranquil and well-placed location for its operations. There's a friendly choc labrador to say hi to you when you arrive and my instructor John was ever the hospitable host. I got to explore everything that caught my curiosity, the tug plane, the control room, the glider shed, and of course the gliders. The club members were more than informative when I asked about things and were easy to talk to. You could easily tell there was a wealth of knowledge there that they loved sharing with others when asked. Not only did John my instructor give me the best comprehensive flight experience from A - Z, but he went above and beyond when I returned from my flight a bit earlier than planned and said "I think we need to go again and get your money's worth" So that's exactly what we did :D This is a man who put the customer first and understands why he does what he does, and because of that, I'll definitely be back for sure. (Hopefully with some friends to share the day with) Find memories forever will they be

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