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Bookme Fiji VouchersGive the Gift of Adventure Today!

With loads of fantastic experiences to choose from, a Bookme Voucher is the ultimate present for everyone.

Bookme Vouchers

  • Available in any amount from FJD$10 to FJD$1500
  • Redeemable for any Fiji Bookme activity
  • Vouchers work instantly!

From shark viewing to fantastic classic dining options, your gift will be the start of a great memory.

Available in any value from FJD$10 to FJD$1500 you can go the whole hog or contribute towards a larger goal.

Vouchers are not only redeemable on full price purchases on all Fiji products, you can use them on loads of great deals available on Bookme Fiji every day multiplying the real value of your gift.

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Instantly deliver a Bookme Voucher to a friend for use on any Fiji activity

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Do you like to give your gifts the personal touch?

Print a Bookme Voucher on your own printer and deliver it to that someone special yourself.

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