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Bookme ReviewAmbrosia Restaurant - 3 Course Dinner - RotoruaPosted by Mark from New Zealand on 13 Oct 2020

  • Mark said... This place is portrayed as a fine dining restaurant but it's not, it's a rip off! There are no nice white table cloths and the atmosphere is more sports bar. There was a table of guys next to us on a big table who may as well have come straight in from a hunting trip. The adjoining and open area next to this one is like a TAB, rough and ready. As for the food... Starters were less than average. My partner had the duck as a main which was fatty with under cooked skin. It came with a salad (ranch-slaw) that was pretty much the same as something you'd buy from countdown, pre-made, and had an awful vinegar dressing which made it inedible. My steak was well cooked but the reduction was bitter, salty and generally vile, and the dish was sprinkled with raw half cashews and cherry tomatoes, which didn't go at all, and I left. We didn’t bother staying for dessert despite having paid for a 3 course meal. There are plenty of places in that street who pride themselves, save your money for one of them! This was $80+ wasted.

    Exclusive Bookme Special - 3 Course Dinner At $76 - From ONLY $42!

    Exclusive Bookme Special - 3 Course Dinner At $76 - From ONLY $42!

    Exclusive Bookme Special - 3 Course Dinner At $76 - From ONLY $42!

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