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Down Hill Luge - Silverdale Adventure Park

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Silverdale Adventure Park is your #1 stop for family fun in Auckland!

Our Down Hill Luge is the only of its kind in the Auckland region!

The new 600m purpose track is decked out twists, turns, speed bumps & steep drops – You can take the track as slow and easy as you please, or rev up the speed and challenge your skills and race against a mate.

A fun fuelled activity that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

So go on, hit the track at Silverdale Adventure Park for a healthy does of fun, laughter and thrill!


Silverdale Adventure Park is home to over 9 exciting rides & attractions including:

  • Shooting star vertical bungee
  • 260 meter Dual Zipline
  • Tube slide
  • Down hill luge ride
  • Space ship simulator
  • 3D Cinema
  • 100m Big Slip waterslide (seasonal)
  • Cosmic Kids Adventure area and much, much more!




    NO DOUBLING ALLOWED on the Downhill Luge.

    Age: 8 Years and over

    Height: Must be over 1.2m


    5 Rides $36.00
    10 Rides $68.00


    • Open 7 Days from: 11am - 5pm Cosmic and cafe open from 10am

    Available Bookings from February 22 to February 28

    Change Dates

    All prices for this activity are shown in NZD ($)

    11:00 a.m.
    Fri 22 Feb
    Sat 23 Feb
    Sun 24 Feb
    Mon 25 Feb
    Tue 26 Feb
    Wed 27 Feb
    Thu 28 Feb

    5spaces priced from:

    • 5 Rides$25.00
    • 10 Rides$50.00


    24 reviews

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    Loman from New Zealand wrote on 17 November 2018

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    Luge it

    Awesome, really enjoyed it, will recommend to friends and family

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    Nadia Lewis from New Zealand wrote on 22 July 2018

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    Mrs Nadia Lewis

    Fabulous fun! Well organised, safe & fun, my two boys had a blast, thank you.

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    From Down Hill Luge - Silverdale Adventure Park

    Hi Nadia, Thank you for your kind words. We are happy to hear that everyone had a good time. Hope to see you at the Park again. Thanks, Silverdale Adventure Park Team

    Binu Kurian from New Zealand wrote on 20 July 2018

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    Excellent fun time especially for active kids

    My boys 11 and 13 enjoyed the ride down hill. They told its long enough for fun, liked thrill of taken up on the trailer. You may sip a coffee or nibble something at the cafeteria. Such a fun time. Ample parking friendly staff 👌. Highly recommend.

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    From Down Hill Luge - Silverdale Adventure Park

    Hi Binu, Thank you for the awesome feedback. So happy that everyone enjoyed. Hope to see you at the Park again. Thanks, Silverdale Adventure Park

    nigel from New Zealand wrote on 19 January 2019

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    How do they make monsy

    How do you make money. No wonder prices are so high across the food operations of the business. Does management allow staff to provide their thoughts as to improvement opportunities. The luge which should be the bread winner was extremely poorly managed on the day. At one stage the vertical bungee was almost keeping up with the luge for numbers of customers having a ride in a 15 minute period. Staff everywhere obviously trained in kiwi type host programmes ie all friendly helpful and knowing. But sounds like their knowing is not raised enough with management. Waiting for large group/s of anywhere from 4- at one stage 10 to go down the luge maybe a niciety however its ridiculous. Especially when there were only 17 luges in operation.twice I was taken up the hill along with 16-20 other customers and waited in a line of approx 35 customers for 35-40 minutes to get a ride. Can't imagine what it would be like on a busy day. I am sorry but that is why I titled this message how do you make money$$$. Chips were stone cold all half the $5 punnet once shaken a little as we walked to the tables to sit down to eat. Chef very reluctant to to exchange them let alone re-heat then. Nice expensive straws but they are made from cardboard and soon absorb moisture and stop functioning like a straw should. As said look good but don't help the customer and probably 3-4 times cost of other competing straws, great if you purchased to assist reduce plastic in this world but hang on if do so then check the weight etc of plastic in the plastic cups Food for thought to the owners and management team. Very good - service upon arrival Very good to excellent - environmental hygiene and continuous upkeep well done to the cleaners constantly doing so. A rubbish bin at each individual ride could be a good idea. Excellent - a couple of the drivers of the people moving buses. Very Good - staff helpfulness. The ratings of what has potential are lost in the management and operation of the equipment and rides them selves. Why not Spend $10000 on spot lights and stay open until 9-10pm and open an hour or so earlier in the morning. Would be a fantastic place to managee and streamline economically vs ergonomically vs ecologicaly. One last thing I just remembered from actual observation of its multi occurrences Consider putting signs up on the fences requesting customers don't swing on them or deliberately try and dis-assemble them could be a saving, the fence and fence door at the luge was trashed by many young kids. Tell them damage will cost and security cameras are in operation. The damage was deliberate of which I tried to stop whenever I witnessed such. Regards Nigel

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    Inga Hall from New Zealand wrote on 02 February 2019

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    Heaps of fun

    Great day out but need to have some more shade areas erected whilst waiting for rides. More shady areas for picnic too please.

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    10:00 a.m.Thursday 13 July

    Spaces Left

    5 Rides

      10 Rides

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