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Bookme ReviewAJ Hackett Bungy - SkyWalkPosted by SJ from New Zealand on 23 Apr 2019

  • SJ said... What did I learn from the experience? I didn't go up there to learn something, but I did end up learning a lot, and I'm sure you are bound to see numerous reviews with just photos. So here is my review. I don't fear height as much as I thought. * This may be because I have re-challenged myself. I've travelled around Asia and completed numerous extreme sports. Where I unknowingly placed myself on uncomfortable heights. I think the key is that you can get used to your fears and it is easier if you have fun to distract you on the journey. Importance of safety harness and the level of your trust towards it * Maybe my fear towards the height was dampened by the trust I had for the safety gear. The gears may have reduced my perceived vulnerability towards the fear, height in this case Regardless of how much you have prepared, the weather can change your experience. * Highlights the presence of unexpected factors. Those that can change the game. Those that differentiate the prepared from the smiling. Importance of having a guide/leader * It helps a lot to have someone who is experienced in your fearful situation. You can trust their guidance and at least know they haven't died doing this. When it's a daring challenge to you, someone already works there. * The guide who works at the Skywalk walked back through the course while some of us couldn't even walk knowing where we were going. There will always be someone ahead of you. This fact isn't to demotivate you; you can learn from them, work with them or take the experience and move on to find your niche. You can get photos from videos but not videos from pictures. * An obvious statement yet reminded me in the importance of understanding the nature of the medium in which you are captured. Good luck! and have a blast :)

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