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HamiltonWaitomo Caves

4.8 1444
29 May to 6 June

Waitomo - Kiwi Cave Rafting - Black Water Rafting

Black Water Rafting, Abseiling, Glow Worms, Caving and Rock Climbing - this tour has everything you need for an action packed adventure!

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kiwi cave rafting waitomo caves black water rafting tubing rock climbing glow worms

Waitomo Caves Zipline Park Entry, Equipment & 12 Zipline Experience

Fly high through native trees and soar over beautiful Waitomo Caves views as you navigate 12 zip rides at Waitomo Caves Zipline Park!

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Waitomo Adventures - Lost World Tour - 4 hrs

This dry caving adventure while surprisingly gentle is an elating experience not to be missed! Just ask Tom Cruise - he's done it 4 times!

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Waitomo Adventures - St Benedict's Caverns

An awesome caving experience for fun with friends and family - or a great place to make them!

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