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Supercar Driving Experience

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Choose between the Aston Martin Vantage or the convertible Ferrari F430 Spider and hit the track at the world acclaimed Hampton Downs Motorsport Park!


  • Drive the sophisticated Aston Martin or the speedy convertible Ferrari F430
  • Experience the power and thrill on the track at the internationally acclaimed Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
  • Be guided by expert instructors on the finer points of handling these cars
  • Jump into the seat of the awesome Mitsubishi EvoX for a flying hot lap!

Be treated to an adrenaline fuelled thrill ride and take one of these powerful supercars out for a drive at the Hampton Downs track for a once in a life-time driving experience. The Hampton Downs Motorsport park is New Zealand's leading modern motorsport complex boasting three different track configurations - all with the required corners, turns, bends and straights. Once you choose between two very powerful and impressive Supercars, your expert instructor will educate you to the finer points of handling these cars:

The Aston Martin Vantage - A two-seater modern automotive machine, boasting the Aston Martin 313 kW (420 bhp) 4.7-litre V8, developed for both flexibility and outright performance. This car sounds incredible and is capable of propelling to maximum speeds of 290 km/h!

The Convertible Ferrari F430 Spider - The iconic speedster with the Ferrari/Maserati joint-venture 4.3-litre V8 engine that kicks out 483 horsepower! capable of reaching a blistering top speed of 311km/h, the F430 will surely make your hairs stand on end!

Following your Supercar drive, the team will escort you to the seat of the awesome Mitsubishi EvoX for a flying hot lap - a finish to a truely spectacular experience out on the race track.

Treat yourself or a loved one, this experience would be the perfect gift to all car enthusiast and motor-heads alike, families and friends are welcome to come along and enjoy the experience from the stands!


Location: Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Hampton Downs Rd, Waikato.

Product extras: Please book product extras upon reaching checkout.

Adult $499.00

What's included

  • 8km of track to drive with your chosen supercar
  • A flying hot lap in the passenger seat of the awesome Mitsubishi EvoX


  • There is a height restriction of 6ft 5in and a weight of 120kg, if you are outside of these parameters please call the tour operator to discuss available options.


  • Drivers must have a current and valid full drivers licence to participate in the drive experience

    This is a ‘Driving Experience’ and not a ‘Race Day’, while you will get to experience the performance capabilities of the Supercar some restrictions to cornering speeds will apply on the day

    It is recommend to book 4-6 weeks in advance

    Spectators: All family and friends are welcome. If your guests bring their Drivers Licence with them they may also be able to drive (subject to availability - Please see registration on the day for Pay and Drive options).

    You must be drug and alcohol free, otherwise we reserve the right to refuse participation

    *** IMPORTANT: Each car is subject to availability. Before you book, please get in touch with the tour operator to confirm your chosen car is available for the time of booking. Once you have confirmed your chosen car is available at your chosen time, please state which car you will be taking in the "Chosen car" box upon checkout

Available Bookings from February 16 to February 22

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9:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
Sat 16 Feb
Sun 17 Feb
Mon 18 Feb
Tue 19 Feb
Wed 20 Feb
Thu 21 Feb
Fri 22 Feb

2spaces priced from:

  • Adult$399.00

2spaces priced from:

  • Adult$445.00

10:00 a.m.Thursday 13 July

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