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Gift Waitomo - Kiwi Cave Rafting - Black Water Rafting


Gift this fantastic experience, and create memories to last a lifetime.

Black Water Rafting, Abseiling, Glow Worms, Caving and Rock Climbing - this tour has everything you need for an action packed adventure!

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Authenticated Reviews & PhotosAll of our reviews are from people who have booked and paid for this activity thru Bookme

Authenticated Reviews & PhotosAll of our reviews are from people who have booked and paid for this activity thru Bookme

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1243 reviews

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shyam from New Zealand wrote on 08 January 2022

Fantastic Experience!

Really enjoyed our experience Black Water Rafting in Waitomo Caves. Our guide Will was very knowledgeable, conscientious and always professional with the weaker participants in our group. The entire experience was a delight and something we throughly enjoyed. Getting up and close with the glow worms and learning about them and the other natural inhabitants of the ecosystem was eye-opening. All in all, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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markb16 from New Zealand wrote on 10 September 2023

Excellent experience

Tim is a great guide, who made the whole experience from the outset enjoyable. We were a bit nervous before arriving about the various activities, but his very calm and confident explanations around technique and safety put me at ease, and at no time did I feel anxious about the abseiling and climbing because of his manner and preparation. Tim shared his knowledge of the cave geology and ecosystem in a clear and interesting way, and his obvious enthusiasm for sharing his enjoyment of caving made this a fantastic experience. The cave experience is beautiful and the 4 hours seemed to fly by, and we felt we had really achieved something for ourselves.

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Phoebe from New Zealand wrote on 30 April 2023

Fun experience!

Fun couple of hours in the caves, abseiling was short but sweet, you tube along the stream at a nice relaxing pace and the glow worms were amazing! If you want something where there’s lots of climbing through the rocks/tight spaces and up or down waterfalls, this probably isn’t the caving experience for you, but if you want to see lots of glowworms and have a peaceful couple of hours with a great tour guide then go ahead and book!

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Laura Dukes from New Zealand wrote on 27 February 2020

WORST "company" I have ever encountered

I am very disgusted by the owners of this company. We travelled to Waitomo arriving at 8:20am following road signs to 'Waitomo Caves'. However when we arrived we found out that this company was much further away. By the time we realised we had been driving around to different companies asking for directions. When I realised we were going to be late I rang the companies customer service but they didn't pick up. The second time I rang they picked up and I apologised. The lady on the phone was very rude, she told me that she might tell the tour guide and that he will leave without us if he wants. When we made it to the company down a long narrow gravel road what we saw shocked us. We saw two shipping containers which they operate out of with no workers present. In comparison to the companies we saw in Waitomo this was an absolute disappointment. We had to ring the customer service in order to talk to someone since noone was available to talk to in person. We tried to explain the situation, that we had gotten lost and that we had struggled to find the company without a GPS unit. We asked if there was any possibility of a partial refund or even just allowing us to reschedule the booking since it cost us over 500 NZD. My mum begged that my friend from Korea just be allowed to reschedule but the lady was adament. The lady told us that there was no possibility of a partial refund or rescheduling at all. We were all quite upset and asked her to please compromise as we woke up at 5 am travelled over 3 hours to attend this booking and my friend had travelled all the way from Korea to attend this booking. It was meant to be the highlight of our holiday. The lady on the phone became extremely rude and disrespectful. She told us things like well tough luck, everyone else found us and that planes don't let you reschedule. The way she spoke and yelled was beyond degrading and not what you would expect to receive from a proper company after trying to leave a complaint. She told us she was the owner and that her husband would drive down to the car park to talk to us but didn't guarantee he would even help. We waited in the heat of the car park for half an hour before the husband decided to show up. He stood in the car park with hands on his hips and proceeded to accuse us of confronting his wife. He yelled at all of us and made comments to belittle us. He said things like everyone else found us to try and make us feel stupid and made comments about the fact we brought a deal rather than full price. He made us feel as if because we got a cheaper deal that we weren't deserving of any kind of respect from him. He treated us as if we were an annoyance to him and publicly humiliated us in front of other customers arriving for the next booking at 10am. We left in tears and felt sick. Please please avoid this company. There are much better options for caving in Waitomo that will not support a company and owners who think they can treat other people like this.

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Jonathan from New Zealand wrote on 17 January 2022


Amazing experience! First time doing abseiling and lots of glow warms underneath!

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