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Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre

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4 July to 12 July

Yoga & Meditation Class with Relaxing Salt Cave Halotherapy

Invest in your health and wellbeing as you discover holistic yoga and meditation techniques followed by a rejuvenating Salt Cave Halotherapy session...

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Vibrosaun therapy auckland

Pamper Experience with Vibrosaun & Relaxing Salt Cave Halotherapy

Step into an oasis of calm and well-being as you indulge in a Vibrosaun & Salt Cave Halotherapy pamper experience...

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Relaxation massage Auckland

Relaxing Salt Cave Halotherapy

Achieve a sense of well being and health by salt therapy treatment at Auckland’s Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre, the first of its kind in New Zealand...

People who booked this activity rated it

Halotherapy treatment Auckland

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